Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla, 2013 - ★★★½

Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla, 2013 - ★★★½

Do you want nuts with that mate... Hilarious, pitch black comedy drama from down under. Mild mannered, lonely icecream man and Clint Eastwood fan Warren Thompson's monotonous lack of life crashes in on himself, when his disillusioned attraction for a pretty soap actress goes to the next phase.

'Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla' (another gem I found thanks to letterboxders buzz, cheers guys) is obviously indebted to 'Taxi Driver'. Yet it manages to succeed that films lofty influence and its clear low budget restraints, thanks to its powerhouse central performance from Glenn Maynard as Warren. He painfully yet amusingly captures the bleak life of the long distance loner.

While I had a blast with this, I honestly couldn't argue against its basic plot being pretty weak and forgettable. But what makes it shine are its inclusions of the most cringe inducing personal video confessionals I've seen since Rob Brydons masterpiece 'Marion And Geoff'.

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