Zombie Cats from Mars, 2015 - ½

Zombie Cats from Mars, 2015 - ½

Awkwardly camp teen Billy Roberts is a small Portland towns only hope against a group of martian cats hellbent on turning his family and sleepy suburban community into zombies.

Thrill... as glowing eyed cats get thrown into scenes.
Shriek... at its inane plot of 100 year old pyramid driving master cats.
Shudder... at its casts inability to speak (I salute you senile priest & beard kid).

Anyone with a grain of intelligence, would have given a film titled 'Zombie Cats from Mars' a wide berth, or have the smarts to switch off within 10 minutes. Not a dedicated movie moron like me. I used to be in an online viewing circle of bad movie fanatics who watched junk like this over irc together. So I'm hardened to shoestring atrocities like ZCFM. While its far from the worst (honestly this doesn't come close), its by no means worthwhile.

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Anonymous said...

This review is pretty harsh. Sure it wasn't great, but it honestly wasn't bad. I'd say watch it for yourself and make up your own mind about it. He's not wrong about bully beard kid being a shitty actor though.