Inspector Gadget, 1999 - ★

Inspector Gadget, 1999 - ★

Ferris Bueller's off day. Abysmal, joyless attempt to turn the beloved cartoon into a live action slapstick comedy. Even by Disney's usually high product placement standards this was embarrassing and damn near to feeling more like a series of commercials than a movie. No wonder they hired an advert hack to direct. Nothing about the whole mess worked, the characters are poor caricatures of the originals. Broderick and Everett are both miscast as Gadget and Claw. And damn the gadget mobile gives Jar Jar Binks a run for being the worst comic creation ever. Even Stan Winstons fx work looked cheap especially considering its huge 90m budget. And shoe horning original Gadget voice actor Don Adams in for blink and you'll miss it 2 seconds during the closing credits as the voice of Brain seemed disrespectful.

Originally taken from Letterboxd

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