Pod, 2015 - ★

Pod, 2015 - ★

Pointless Old Dross. Starts out like a lo-fi mumblecore drama, a brother and sister argue over what they do to help their schizo/hermit brother. Turns out hes an ex-serviceman whose grown paranoid, claiming hes been experimented on by the military. Only could there be truth to his mad claims?

Abysmal attempt at making a feature length X-Files creature of the week episode as a horror. I'm usually more polite with newer low budget filmmakers but POD takes you to an whole new level of irritating, this shit drained me. The acting is excruciating, especially by bobble hat'd (*cough* headed) Lauren Ashley Carter as the sister. Even the brief moment Larry Fressenden pops up as a MIB was dire.

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