Queen of Earth, 2015 - ★★★★

Queen of Earth, 2015 - ★★★★

When a movie with a huge buzz like this comes around I always fear the worst and admittedly on paper this isn't my type of thing. Usually if I watch a tale about two females having a bonding session in a remote lakeside retreat I expect at least a bit of lesbian action as payoff.

Oddly marketed like it was an updated Bette Davis/Joan Crawford style catfighting bitchfest thriller, its far deeper and less easy to define than that. Its primary a really clever throwback to 70's psychoanalysis cinema while also serving as a savage dig at the privileged with depression. I'm still not huge on the mumbly/shaky camera shtick but I gotta give credit to Queen of Earth and director Alex Ross Perry, because its a marvelously crafted movie.

Both Mad Men's Elizabeth Moss and professional Holly Hunter impersonator Katherine Waterston are amazing, and deserve all the praise they've generated and awards they'll receive. I loved how it mixed in the previous years happier trip with the current unbearably anxious one. Really hit home how distant the friends and Catherine's mental grip on reality had grown. Isn't my favorite of the year (Ex_Machina all the way baby) but for a change its definitely worth its hype.

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