Self/less, 2015 - ★★½

Self/less, 2015 - ★★½

Tarsem Singhs return to sci-fi/thriller territory is a real mixed bag. The core concept (though very much like Frankenheimers b&w classic Seconds) and many of its plot twists are genuinely great, but they're padded out with unnecessary John Woo style shoot-outs, love will conquer all bollocks and 80's action b-movie style flamethrower moments.

Started out so damn promising too, with Ben Kingsley as Damian a dying billionaire building magnet who gets introduced to a strange organisation who can put his mind into an healthy organic body. Then we get to the bodyswap into Ryan Reynolds and it morphed into a ludicrous Six Million Dollar Man parody. It wasn't a total waste after that point I loved Victor Garbors (who used to be awesome as Sydneys dad in Alias) character Martin, who was Damians business partner and the sad twist with his son and mirrors. I guess it was at least entertaining nonsense.

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