Attila, 2013 - ★½

Attila, 2013 - ★½

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"...although I'd hate to have my dick shot off" - Random Soldier

Hysterically bad, historically inaccurate The Asylums 'Attila' is another abomination from their overworked, reliably inept team of typewriting monkeys. Some blah-blah nonsense about a military scientist uncovering moses staff of destiny 'blah-banana-blah-blah' that wakes up its sworn nomadic guardians Attila the Huns posse known as the Huns.

Not the accurate epic your history teacher would approve, and not a film your likely to enjoy sober or drug-free, and even then the term 'enjoyment' could be a push. Its essentially a cheap-ass Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson 'The Mummy'/'Scorpion king' knock-off with UFC's Cheick Kongo. You know what to expect with Asylum shit, sadly while its bad it isn't particularly stand-out 'bad enough' to be considered good (if that even makes sense).

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