Kung Fu Jungle, 2014 - ★★★½

Kung Fu Jungle, 2014 - ★★★½

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"Martial arts are for killing not for playground fighting" - Fung Yu-Sau (Wang Baoqiang)

Disposable 'imprisoned gung-ho police tutor tracking a martial arts abusing student turned serial killer' nonsensical plot... which you won't give a damn about, but it doesn't matter anyway, gives way to an extremely enjoyable high octaine action epic. Its essentially Donnie Yen pursuing Wang Baoqiang for two thirds the movie then the final third showdown, which is a masterclass in combat cane-fu choreography.

Regarded by fans and most his peers as being the best in the business Donnie Yen's gracefully growing old and still showing no-signs of disappointing his fanbase, and it doesn't look like he's ever about to with sure fire world box-office hits like 'Ip Man 3' and 'Star Wars Rogue One' on the near horizon. Ohh and thumbs up to Kung-fu Jungles HK action tribute credits.

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