Banshee!!!, 2008 - ★★

Banshee!!!, 2008 - ★★

..::Selection for Hoop-tober 2.o Horror Fest::..

"My videos get more hits than your mom" - Murph (M. Kelley)

Barns rock and heads roll as a polymorphic celtic creature hits a small Connecticut farming community.

Early VOD (vomited-on-demand) outing for Synthetic Cinema International, its a clunkily cheerful first time teeth cutting flick from writer John Doolan and director Colin Theys. While my peers here on letterboxd are bang-on about Banshee!!! being pretty terrible, they're harsh with their ½ scores, because its clearly made with enthusiasm by genre fans. I can't lie the cgi creature fx blows and make syfy's dire fx look Jurassic Park worthy, but some of the kills are pretty neat especially the girl scout one and the gory torso-less legs cop one. Plus it was cool seeing Kevin Sheas bearded badassery and geeky youtube reviewer Shawn C. Phillips in the films closing Don & Murph scene.

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