Daddy's Little Girl, 2012 - ★★★

Daddy's Little Girl, 2012 - ★★★

..::Selection for Hoop-tober 2.o Horror Fest::..
Grab ya surf board mate, for ozploitations new wave. Every fathers nightmare becomes reality for Derek, when his 6 year old daughters found dead after being sexually assaulted. He vows to get revenge by torturing the deviant, one day for every year she lived.

Though 'Daddy's Little Girl' bares a resemblance to cheesy daytime soaps, both visually and aurally (someone shoot that pianist, please god shoot him). The actual story structure flows more like a professional budgeted production. Its far from great but its an improvement by Australian amateur director Chris Sun, whose really come on in leaps and bounds since his 2011 micro budget debut 'Come and Get Me' (ohh and he's also caught 'Law Abiding Citizen' in that time).

The up-and-comer still needs to learn how to create believable characters, and show some subtlety. Plus be far more sensitive when referencing real life crimes (like here with Liverpools tragic Jamie Bulger case). Gorehounds will love it, and if he keeps improving the mainstream needs to watch out.

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