Dark Moon Rising, 2015 - ★

Dark Moon Rising, 2015 - ★

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"Listen son when your girlfriends a vicious killing machine, give her all the space she needs" - Henrick (Eric Roberts)

Finger lychan crud. Dark Moon Rising was one seriously hard to endure mess (and I'm kinda a pro when it comes to this trash). Its a continuity defying Twilight'ish doomed love conquers all horror romance with shades of 'Lost Boys'/'Cursed' thrown in.

Its unquestionably a stinker but so unbelievably badly made I was morbidly curious to ride the shit out. Matthew Simmons was the movies saving grace as the self rightious inept baddie Grecko (helped comedy wise he looked like Red Dwarf's Cat), and the fact most the actresses looked pure filth (probably why Eric Roberts appeared) even though they kept fully clothed. It seems to have attracted a minor dedicated cult status that have successfully managed to keep its imdb rating around 6 even with 6.5k votes, they're even entertaining making it a trilogy.

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