Duel to the Death, 1983 - ★★★★

Duel to the Death, 1983 - ★★★★

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Ching Siu Tung's 'Duel to the Death' is a gloriously OTT blooddrenched shogun monks vs ninjas romp. Its a hugely entertaining mixture of chanbara & wire fu genres, that I'm shocked I'd never seen before especially considering how legendary its become.

Downside was I caught the lousy dubbed version that while agreeably bad, oddly gave it a strange anime styled charm. It probably affected the story early on but I still enjoyed the breathtaking fight choreography later on. Ching throws everything in shuriken downpours, kite fu, more decapitations than a stiles project greatest hits compilation and one hell of a final showdown on a vertical cliffside.

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