Found, 2012 - ★★★

Found, 2012 - ★★★

Not the found footage atrocity you could be forgiven for thinking it is from the title. 'Found' is clearly an amateur effort about an horror obsessed 12 year old Marty, who has a racially motivated serial killer elder brother named Steve. It amusingly kicks-off a little like 'The Wonder Years' on crack, focusing on Marty's daily life. He gives voice-overs about his struggles with school bullys, his views on his folks and about him learning that his big bro is a trophy collecting killer. While the film goes on it starts to introduce much more Steve, and ends in a gloriously wrong macabre way.

Even though I messed up bigtime and caught the film within this titled 'Headless' months ago, it didn't detract greatly from my enjoyment (though I'd no doubt have enjoyed Headless more if I'd seen this first). Pretty good debut by Scott Schirmer that I think has been a bit overrated by horror fans purely because they identify with young Marty (neat hes the only likeable character in the whole film) and get his movie references.

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