Air, 2015 - ★★★

Air, 2015 - ★★★

Taught, claustrophobic sci-fi thriller doesn't take enough risks to truly rise above the pack. After Earths air supply has become un-breathable. Two caretakers are left in-charge of a bunker containing suspended animated scientists. They're faced with an ominous countdown, diminishing air supplies and each others isolation induced paranoia.

Considering its a first time feature by Christian Cantamessa I can't be too harsh. Its bunker countdown did feel very 'Lost' like, and its production values made it appear like a Syfy Original Movie. But its well acted by its small cast of 'Blood Diamond's' Djimon Hounsou and 'Walking Deads' Norman Reedus (hell even TWD's Robert Kirkman got in on the act with a producer credit). And it featured a really great score. Don't be fooled by all the middling ratings its definitely worth seeing.

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