Heart of Midnight, 1988 - ★★★½

Heart of Midnight, 1988 - ★★★½

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Matthew Chapmans bizarre 80's oddity 'Heart of Midnight' is the definition of what makes a cult movie. It's the unsavory tale of troubled youth Carol, down-played by chain smoking Jennifer Jason Leigh. She inherits a seedy rundown nightclub named Midnight from her uncle Fletcher. And sets about changing her life around, by re-opening the venue. Only she finds out it was really an unsavory swingers sex club, and uncle Fletcher wasn't nearly the nice guy she fainty recalls him being.

Damn this is a wickedly entertaining mess of a movie, its plot, acting and tone are all over the damn place. Theres shades of Roman Polanski, Paul Bartel, euro trash cinema, hell even Troma, honestly I've never noticed so many booms in shot, or sound & editing continuity errors. But its fun, and for such a lowgrade film it features its share of up coming talent including Peter Coyote as a noirish detective and Steve Buscemi as a sex deviant. Most interesting character is Sonny a young woman brought up a boy. Even though I didn't remember a thing I'm still not totally convinced I've never seen it before (I certainly remember its bbfc vhs cover), maybe I blocked it out as a bad experience like Leighs character did. It was certainly worth the casual revisit if I had seen it. And its just so weird you can't help forgive its flaws, and definitely ranks as a good bad movie.

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