I Spit on Your Grave III: Vengeance is Mine, 2015 - ★★½

I Spit on Your Grave III: Vengeance is Mine, 2015 - ★★½

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"You don't deserve the lube ok... but it just won't go in otherwise" - Jennifer/Abigail (Sarah Butler)

Squarely aimed at movie fans baser instincts, its another pointless VOD sequel to 2010's fairly successful remake. Which along with MANIAC, was one of the few solid recent horror rehashes. Pt. III skips the subpar 2nd and in true followup style goes back to the originals actress Sarah Butler and character of Jennifer. A few years have past and shes changed her name to Abigail. Unable to trust people, her psychologist encourages Abi to take part in a rape support group. Initially goes fine until a woman she befriends is murdered, and Abi starts cleaning up the group members problems in true Robert McCall/MS. 45 fashion.

It's unfair to call a rape revenge b-movie incentive, because by their nature they're bound to be, but this is pretty damn incentive, and more than a little lacking in intelligence. And the preposterous ohh I've seen AMERICAN PSYCHO ending sucked, if rape satire is possible its by more talented guys than these stv monkeys. That said I did like Butler, shes cute, sassy and looks to relish her gratuitous form of vengeance. I can't see there being much future for the franchise unless you can get Cosby and his victims to appear.

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