Legend of Dinosaurs and Monster Birds, 1977 - ★★½

Legend of Dinosaurs and Monster Birds, 1977 - ★★½

..::Selection for Hoop-tober 2.o Horror Fest::..
"Legend of Dinosaurs and Monster Birds' is a funkadelic kaiju eiga from Toei, thats light on monster rampages, but packs lots of charm.

While tracking Mt. Fuji's sea of trees wilderness, a woman falls down a huge hole into a ice cave. Her accident unwittingly cracks open a stone egg. Days later headless cattle and horses start showing up around the island and theres public sightings of a prehistoric sea monster. Not what the Fuji island authoritys need with the annual dragon festival only days away.

Many have wrongly classed this as a substandard Godzilla rip-off, when its clearly more a riff on Jaws. Even includes many of Jaws famous scenes like the kids pranking around with a shark fin, the underwater corpse head and the islands big festival going on. Its another I had to brave the atrocious English dub version of, which clearly improvised lots of its dialog and maybe even that unfitting funky blaxploitation music. Its a great curiosity, and threres loads of entertaining moments to take your mind off the fact the overall movie is a patchworked mess.

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