Malignant, 2013 - ★★

Malignant, 2013 - ★★

..::Selection for Hoop-tober 2.o Horror Fest::..
"Je dois papillons noirs - its a French expression for having dark thoughts. It means I have black butterflies" -
Jekyll and Hyde tinged horror thriller, written and directed by Brian Avenet-Bradley. Grieving his wife, Allex has become a fully blown alcoholic prone to black-outs. After his lastest blowout he wakes with a stitched gash along his chest. Shortly afterwards a mysterious caller tells him that if he drinks they die. Soon enough his lack of sobriety leads to deaths, but is he to blame.

Originally had the far cooler title Black Butterflies. It starts out as an interesting thriller with an intelligent enough concept at its core. But it quickly descends into mediocrity, as it treads far too close to the lousy 'Saw' franchise. Its not a total wreck, both Gary Cairns and Brad Dourif gave solid performances and it'll likely please casual cable tv viewers.

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