The Astrologer, 1975 - ★★½

The Astrologer, 1975 - ★★½

..::Selection for Hoop-tober 2.o Horror Fest::..
!!! WARNING !!! this movie (and review) contains scenes of extreme babble and atrocious editing, and should be avoided by anyone who isn't medicated beforehand.

A scientist big on astrology leads a top secret group that are trying to predict the second coming by finding births that are astrologically in-line with those of the Virgin Mary and Joseph. He stumbles on a match for Joseph in an Indian charlatan mystic named Kajerste and for Mary in a English virgin (*sniggers) named Kate (Monica Tidwell, I'd love to find more of her films)... only turns out the creepy Kajerste isn't a charlatan and Kates well you get the picture.

By typical Rosemarys Baby/Exorcist cash-in standards this is a mess, cult director James Glickenhaus is like a monkey in a zoo hurling shit around and editor Victor Zimet is like a man possessed. But its fascinating it beat '76's 'The Omen' to a similar concept, its even based on a book from '72. I'd love to read the book because theres loads of off-the-wall stuff mentioned here from people being fitted with eye cameras (googleglass?) to computers that can read your soul if you input your birthdate (age restricted websites?). Its not very good, but its kinda fun and a cool oddity all the same.

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