The Quiet Hour, 2015 - ★★★

The Quiet Hour, 2015 - ★★★

"I was hoping to find people, find life" - Jude (Karl Davis)

Sombre, pedestrian paced dystopian drama from the emerald isle. Having already survived an apocalyptic event caused by alien visitors, three youths Sarah, her blind friend Tom and newcomer to the fold Jude are forced to hide out in a rural farm, because the ripples of the cataclysm have turned many of the surviving humans into cannibalistic scavengers.

First time feature from French born writer/director Stephanie Joalland that shares the same young survivalist elements as Kevin Macdonalds 'How I Live Now'. Joallands direction is fine, but story wise it needed more urgency. Plus I would have liked far more insight into the ET visitors, outside of seeing the ships hovering in the sky they seemed like a sloppily developed excuse to cause society to break down. She does get top marks for getting quality performances from its young central cast, especially Dakota Blue Richards (still only 21 has the potential to follow in Winslet & Mulligans shoes). Was tempted to slap a 2½ but I think it deserves a 3 out 5, I can't argue that it felt more like watching an unfinished workprint than a fully realized film, yet I enjoyed it regardless of its flaws.

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