The Truth According to Satan, 1972 - ★★★

The Truth According to Satan, 1972 - ★★★

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"You've arrived before I had time to consummate my madness" - Roibert

Macabre farce from Italian sleaze-master-general Renato Polselli who regularly filmed under the alias Ralph Brown. A rich bohemian socialite Diana is called by her spurned lover Roibert, who tells her he's about to commit suicide. When she arrives at his home he's still not done the deadly deed, claiming he needs to take her one last time. During this final heated embrace he fakes his own death in the hope of blackmailing her. Using the hook of guilt tripping Diana into thinking she was responsible, with the aid of his Puck-like-fool of a next-door neighbor Tortoletto, having witnessed her kill him.

Of course the plots less simplistic than I wrote. For long durations of the film Diana's so racked with guilt she becomes delirious, so its hard to make out what is or isn't really happening. You even think egg munching Torteletto is an hallucination for ages, sort of a malicious devil akin to De Nero in Angel Heart.

Whoohoo I can finally cross 'Truth According to Satan' aka 'La Verita Secondo Santana' off my most wanted films list, even though I'd long since given up hope on ever seeing it. Due to it being considered by collectors and vhs/net dupe traders lost, even distributors of Polsellis later films couldn't find it. Was it worth the wait? its hard to truly say, the choppy version I viewed probably wasn't what the director intended. Plus its nothing like the extreme sicko shit his later work became notorious for. In fact barring the sleazy dog segment and mild hippie orgy its tame, even though it was made in the early 70's it almost feels like a swinging 60's variant on Hitchcocks 'Trouble With Harry' for lots of its duration.

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