Vampire On Bikini Beach, 1988 - ½

Vampire On Bikini Beach, 1988 - ½

..::Selection for Hoop-tober 2.o Horror Fest::..

"This is a job for weird Harold" -Bob (Stephen Mathews)

Making Ed Wood Jr. seem like Fellini is no easy task but hack director Mark Headley somehow manages it. Headley gives the suffering viewers a shocking amount of filler, well over half is dedicated to girls sun bathing, surfing and a piss-poor Phil Collins 80's knockoff Brian Cadd who we see several times too many. Whats left is improvised feeling crap about a book of the dead and a master vampire stalking women around Venice Beach.

I've surprisingly seen worse movies and I did laugh at the inane inclusion of intelligence impaired narration, that was so out of place and made it feel like a pre-release workprint. Recommended if you want to top your buddies choices for a bad movie night, or if you want 80's beach fashion tips.

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