London Road, 2015 - ★½

London Road, 2015 - ★½

Sloppy second feature by Rufus Norris. The badly sung baroque compositions, chintz filled homes, dour faced actors didn't just make me regret wasting the 90 minutes, it made me sad I live in the same country. Ipswich looks one mighty dull place, and southerners have the guile to call the north grim. Its a dreary musical that mixes elements of Band of Gold, kitchen sink soap opera and the Yorkshire Ripper. The curtain twitching neighbours of Ipswichs London Road are forced to improve their community spirit and glum terraced houses when a prostitute killer dumps his victims bodies in one of the houses.

I thought it was interesting basing it more on the community than the true crimes or killer. But the whole thing was so bland and felt more like a TV arts project or film made for Banksys Dismaland. It wasn't even entertaining in a train wreck type of way either, it was just painful. I hope Norris comes back to drama quick because it'd be sad to lose him to wanky arts fluff like this.

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