Vampire, 2011 - ★★★½

Vampire, 2011 - ★★★½

"You need to feed them, everyone forgets they're a slave to them" - Simon (Keven Zegers)

Another strange one of a kind experience from Sunji Iwai. Don't be misled by its title it isn't an horror, at least not a conventional one. And don't attempt to view if you suffer trypanophobia, your depressed, suicidal or looking for a quick entertainment fix... because VAMPIRE's extremely sombre & morbid and will likely push you over. Simplified its Romero's MARTIN done as a twisted sucidal love story, but anyone who's caught Sunji Iwai knows he doesn't do simple. The actings a little hit & miss, and at times gives off a feel of being improvisational, especially Smallvilles Kristin Kreuk. Ohh and Amanda Plummer gives another bizarre performance to add to her freaky filmography, she even does a Pixars UP tribute. Anyway it isn't the directors best, nor is it essential. But its still a bleakly powerful little film in its own odd way.

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