12/12/12, 2012 - ½

12/12/12, 2012 - ½

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"If theres a god, we are gonna find out tonight" - Det. Barnes (Steve Hanks)

Holy shit I crapped out with this one and rolled 1188, coincidentally its the 12th film I've viewed from Toshio's hit list.

Asylum Pictures take a time-out from generic rip-offs and deliver a continuity defying satanic baby mess-terpiece. Veronica gives birth to Sebastian on 12/12/12 only the baby (in the form of a crude puppet we only ever briefly see) turns out to be hellspawn, that leaves a trial of death wherever its been.

Even by their usually atrocious standards 12/12/12 manages to plump to new lows. Few people will make it through 10 minutes, somehow I managed to sit it out. Its sheer ineptness held me in a trance like state, between bewilderment and total curiosity, if it could get even worse.

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