Young & Beautiful, 2013 - ★★★

Young & Beautiful, 2013 - ★★★

.::Film #11 Toshio's All Nighter Watchlist +

"I'm not the dangerous one." - Isobelle (Marine Vacth)

Think 'Pretty Woman' the adolescent European years. I'm back boxders, longest movie hiatus of my entire life. I've probably caught 10 films in the whole of 2016 (that would have been a weeks worth usually).

With being awol so long I needed film tips, so hit up Toshio's amazing All Nighter list. I was sorta expecting accessible trash but rolled '220' Jeune & Jolie.

Its a genuinely interesting, short and simple tale following 17 year old Isobelles four season journey understanding sexuality. She starts like many youths by losing her virginity during an holiday romance, then progresses to becoming a call girl.

Marine Vacth's candidly cold central performance added with Ozon's typically voyeuristic & lurid style made me feel like a dirty old man for watching. But it did frequently hit on deeper issues of the human psych, that wouldn't have had the same impact if he'd shied away from the sticky stuff.

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