Celebrity, 1998 - ★★★

Celebrity, 1998 - ★★★

.::Scavenger Hunt #14 May 2016 - Film #20::.

"I'm orgasmic" - Supermodel (Charlize Theron)

Viewed purely to cross a Simpsons cast mamber (Hank Azeria) off my scavenger hunt list, but I oddly ended up enjoying it.

Understatement alert! The 90's wasn't a prime decade for Woody Allen, hell with his marriage breakups and 'those' other allegations I'm shocked he managed to find time to make movies.

Its also surprising, that even when Allens at his most half baked (his own words) he's still entertaining. Branagh plays writer Lee Simon but hes obviously playing Allen. The majority of the uneven story is just little ways he can put his character into Hollywood style celebrity situations, so he can dig at its fakery and vacuousness. Its all very 60's feeling, but it isn't without a certain charm. Especially seeing current top tier talent like DiCaprio as the wild child, or the smoking hot Charlize Theron in their earlier years.

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