The Boys in the Band, 1970 - ★★★★

The Boys in the Band, 1970 - ★★★★

.::Scavenger Hunt #14 May 2016 - Film #21::.

"There's one thing you can say about masturbation, you certainly don't need to look your best" - Michael (Kenneth Nelson)

One of the greatest aspects of letterboxd's community lists is how often they throw you out of your comfort zone. For some reason I've never had a reason to see this, but glad I finally have.

The Boys in the Bands extremely funny, sharply bitchy and highly revered queer cinema (can you even use that term in these politically correct times?) gem, from one of the best directors of the 70's William Friedkin. Set over the course of one night, it follows a group of outwardly gay friends plus one straight one during a birthday celebration. Kenneth Nelson totally steals the picture as Michael not Mickey. Not only is he clearly the films best actor, but his characters so confidently brash, always able to step up the bitching to stay top dog in a conversation.

Its based on an off Broadway play by Mart Crowley, and comes across exceptionally sharp and ahead of its times, in much the same way Neil Simon's work did back then. Straight or gay its highly recommended, your 100% guaranteed to laugh. Over the course of the night you genuinely warm to most of the characters, or at least understand their motives. I suspect the movies spawned so many tributes from the Pet Shop Boys naming their best lp Actually, and John Waters calling his biggest mainstream film Hairspray.

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