The Faith of Anna Waters, 2016 - ★★

The Faith of Anna Waters, 2016 - ★★

.::Scavenger Hunt #14 May 2016 - Film #1::.

"No you can't burn her, shes coming back" - Katie (Adina Herz)

When Jamie Waters gets a telephone call that her sister Anna has ended her own life, she knows that somethings not quite right as she'd never leave her daughter and husband. She finds out that a sinister force is rising around a series of unrelated suicides.

A few flashy set pieces and genuinely creepy moments, can't hide the fact 'The Faith of Anna Waters' is yet another forgettable offering of generic supernatural hokum. Its biggest flaw though is not the fact it devolves into being an Exorcist rip-off, but how half heartedly edited it all is. Scenes are so thoughtlessly thrown together, they make the films overall mood and plot feel inconsistent. I get that modern audiences attentions are used to youtube clips, but you can surely still get away with having scenes longer than 2 minutes.

That said its far from the worst horror ever made. And it finally made me read up about the Leviathan Cross, because I've recently been playing the hell out of Binding of Isaac Afterbirth and its the same symbol as Brimstone.

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