The Lost Skeleton Returns Again (2009)

The Lost Skeleton Returns Again (2009)
Director: Larry Blamire
Writer: Larry Blamire
Cast: H.M. Wynant, Frank Dietz, Christine Romeo, Brian Howe
Jerranium 90. A little rock that made all the papers. Only what didn not make the papers is that the main source of this newly discovered element is buried deep within the Amazon. And everybody wants it, including crooked importer Handscomb Draile, slimy Gondreau Slykes, cheap crook Carl Traeger and evil scientist Dr. Ellamy Royne. So when Reet Pappin is sent on a mission, vital to national security, to find Dr. Paul Armstrong, now a bitter alcoholic disenchanted with science, he may have his work cut out for him! Especially when joined by Armstrongs loyal wife Betty and the mind control susceptible twin brother of Dr. Roger Fleming, who is carrying a familiar sinister skull belonging to none other than the Lost Skeleton of Cadavra himself!
8 years after its predecessor comes this thrilling sequel this time coming on more like a throwback to jungle adventures. All the cast return to their roles with the two exceptions, due to being horribly mutilated in the first feature Ranger Brad is replaced by his brother Jungle Brad and the evil Dr Roger Fleming is replaced by his not so evil TV repair man brother Peter Fleming. Same basic plot as the previous Lost Skeleton film the haphazard characters all want to get their hands on a new rock called Jerranium 90, only this time its found in the amazon and guarded by a cantaloup worshiping tribe headed by their queen (If my maths correct its just a tribe of 5) also its under protection of a monster called Magraclop. This time round the skeleton is now a floating skull and thankfully the monsters are still as badly made and humorous as the originals. Sadly though the plot isn't as fresh as the original though the acting seems much better especially Brian Howe turning in another stellar performance and Larry Blamire himself coming across like a bitter Indiana Jones. unfortunately the new characters don't have the same charm as the originals with maybe the exception of the Cantaloupe Queen who comes across best of the new bunch. It was a neat touch when it switches to colour at the point they reach the valley of monsters. Recommended to b-movie lovers its still a wonderfully nostalgic journey which is as much fun fun fun as its bad bad bad.
(7½ out of 10)

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