The Naked Man (1998)

The Naked Man (1998)
Director: J. Todd Anderson
Writers: J. Todd Anderson, Ethan Coen
Cast: Michael Rapaport, Michael Jeter, John Carroll Lynch
A man takes matters into his own hands when a pharmaceutical kingpin moves into his town to cause some real trouble.
I viewed this as double bill with another Michael Rapaport comedy called Special. Here he plays a slightly broken man Edward Blis Jr upset with himself for failing to follow his fathers trade and become a pharmacist. Instead he followed his dream at becoming a wrestler by night and chiropractor by day. Wanting to support his girl and his unborn child and win back his fathers affection he gives up wrestling and buys a chiropractor practice facing his dads pharmaceutical store. No sooner is Edward back in the small town than his mother,father and girlfriend are killed by a drugs kingpin hoping to muscle in on his dads store. This breaks Edward who resorts to his wrestler old ways and goes on a killing spree I'd guess with the hope of killing those responsible.

The film was directed by film aficionado J. Todd Anderson who among other things does the story boards for the Coen Brothers movies, Ethan Coen no doubt helping a friend co-wrote this. It isn't totally successful and does drag a little towards the end, but it is such a unique feeling oddity, at a push I'd describe it as a variant of Crimewave crossed with Pleasantville but that only gives a small idea of what to expect. All in all I'd recommend it just hear some of the throw away lines "crushed nuts ?.... no spinabifida" and what about this gem "until we catch this perp the only person safe on these streets is Gumby". Rapaport has to be seen to be believed in his anatomical manikin outfit, not sure how many times I've used the word bizarre on this blog but I doubt its ever been more fitting.
(8 out of 10)

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