Born of Earth (2008)

Born of Earth (2008)
Director: Tommy Brunswick
Writer: Joseph Thompson
Cast: Daniel Baldwin, James Russo, Brad Dourif
Over centuries humans have been mysteriously disappearing with no explanations, just hushed whispers in the dark.
Danny Kessler (one of the lesser known Baldwin brothers) loses his kids to a set of underground dwelling demons. So with the aid of a writer who knows about these demons, sets about finding answers and the possibility his children are still alive.

Dire cable TV feeling horror from one of the few female horror directors Tommy Brunswick (have heard good word of mouth with her newest film Exit 33), costumes are of Halloween standard, acting is poor including the usually good Brad Dourif (who's role amounts to little more than a cameo), story's dull imagine an episode of Supernatural but without the Sam and Dean chemistry, ohh and boy could the whole production have done with more lights. So many better lower budget titles to waste your time on.

(3½ out of 10)

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