Psychoville Halloween Special (2010)

Psychoville Halloween Special (2010)
Director: Matt Lipsey
Writers: Steve Pemberton, Reece Shearsmith
Cast: Reece Shearsmith, Steve Pemberton, Dawn French
Psychoville returns with a spooktacular hour-long Halloween special. Four tales of terror unfold as location manager Phil Walker investigates the abandoned ruins of Ravenhill Psychiactric hospital. Does the ghost of evil governess Edwina Kenchington still walk the empty corridors? What other horrors lie within these crumbling walls?
Hugely entertaining Halloween special that played homage to the old British Amicus styled anthology horror. Writers/Actors Pemberton & Shearsmith started as part of the group behind the dark British comedy series League of Gentlemen, they returned together last year for the six part Psychoville, which even though it contained great characters, plenty of laughs and macabre moments never really reached their former shows levels of comedy. Thankfully this anthology brings most their characters back in little self contained stories linked by a TV researcher who is trying to find a haunted building for a supernatural reality show hes developing. The stories contain a clown (psychovilles own Mr Jolly) who gets spooked by two undead trick or treating kids, Oscar Lomax our blind rare toy collector gets visions of the dead when he gets a new eye transplant, nurse joy gets her own unique way back at her husband after his constant nagging drives her nuts and serial killer fan David and his over protective mother Maureen hitchhike a ride from someone they suspect as being a lady killer. Was all very clever giving enough to previous fans yet still making it accessible to new viewers, a real BBC treat for a cold wet Halloween night.
(9 out of 10)

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