Delivery: The Beast Within, 2014 - ★★★

Delivery: The Beast Within, 2014 - ★★★


“Goodnight Alister” - Rachel Massy (Laurel Vail)

'Delivery: The Beast Within' follows and analyzes reality TV footage from an aborted cable show called 'Delivery'. That was meant to follow a young couple Rachel & Kyle Massy during the pregnancy and birth of their first child. Only instead could the production crew have captured evidence of a paranormal event.

I could have done without the dated 'Chris Cunningham' 'Come To Daddy' visual effects and it wasn't really scary. But it was an whole lot better than I'd expected it to be. For a refreshing change with found footage horror movies its believable premise, the faux shows cynical film crew and the central couples relationship helped hold my wafer thin attention span.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

I've always had some deep rooted, possibly maiesiophilia thing going on for pregnant women. So I thought actress Laurel Vail shined as mother to be Rachel Massy.

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