Dog Lay Afternoon, 1976 - ★★½

Dog Lay Afternoon, 1976 - ★★½


“HooooooowwwLLL” - Doberman Pincher (Mark Holden)

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Co-penned & directed by eurotrash legend George Eastman with Peter Skerl, 'Bestialità' is a movie unlikely to ever be awarded the title 'Best of Show'. Its set on a picturesque Italian island, and tells the sordid tale of a young girl Janine who witnesses her mother having carnal fun with the pet doberman, then her disgusted father torching the families villa while the dogs still locked inside. Cut forward several years, Janine's now a young woman whose returned to the island with a doberman of her own. During those years the islands also became an hotspot for rich swingers, who become beguiled by the mysterious dog owning young woman.

I found it amusing earlier that my shitty 10 year old imdb review is still up, as it was probably the 1st time it had ever been talked about so publicly in English. Even before the established cult movie fanzines & books of that era had picked up on it. And way before it gained this funny alternative title 'Dog Lay Afternoon'. I'd only heard of this aka a few weeks ago, when it drew my attention to 'The Trashy Trios' movie podcast.

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Its ultra sleazy beginning and bloody climax, and the attractive European cast featuring Leonora Fani, Ilona Staller and Juliette Mayniel.

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