Live Freaky Die Freaky, 2006 - ★★½

Live Freaky Die Freaky, 2006 - ★★½


“Now just open those meat drapes and let the show begin.” - Habagail Folger (Asia Argento)

'Live Freaky Die Freaky' is a batshit insane, bizarro oddity that crudely attempted to be a musical stop motion animated social satire, based around the infamous Charles Manson Family killings of the 60's. It features Green Day's Billie Joe as Charlie Hanson (*not Manson*) and Ozzy's daughter Kelly Osbourne as Sharon Hate (*not Tate*). Pretty much gives an alternative version on the killing sprees facts.

For me the gags were far too heavy handed to really hit home, though I did chuckle once or twice. And I admired the subversive tone and sheer audacity of what filmmaker John Roecker tried to pull off. Just a shame Moral Orels Dino 'Starburns' Stamatopoulos wasn't involved, cause this is the kinda shit he'd rip up.

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Most the giggles come from the vacuous socialite Sharon and her gay hairdressers hedonistic lifestyle. And of course Charlies warped dialog, which there wasn't nearly enough of.

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