Willow Creek, 2013 - ★★

Willow Creek, 2013 - ★★


“You don't wanna be in the movie, and now your Stanley fucking Kubrick.” - Jim (Bryce Johnson)

Wannabe filmmaker and actress couple Jim & Kelly walk in the footsteps of giants, when they decide to trek Trinity national forests wilderness. Along the same path of famous bigfoot film investigators Roger Patterson & Bob Gimlin.

Pleeeeeeeeeeaassseee kill me now, all these found footage horror movies are making me lose the will to live (must be my 3rd this week alone, and 30th of the year). I expected so much more from 'Police Academy' legend Bobcat Goldthwait's 'Willow Creek', after his wickedly entertaining previous movie 'God Bless America', had so much to say. Sadly 'Willow Creek' is a total 'Blair Witch Project' ripoff, without a shred of originality.

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The two versions of a song titled 'Roger and Bob (Rode out that day)'. Once by a folk singing log cabin living hick, the other during the end credits by a college rock band named Rozwell Kid.

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