Celluloid Nightmares, 1988 - ★★

Celluloid Nightmares, 1988 - ★★


"Shush, shush and watch the bideo."

- Akio (Masae Abe)

A female reporter investigates an apparent murder found on a video cassette. Only are the tapes just bread crumbs to lure her into a shady world of snuff movies.

I really like Hisayasu Satô, even his low key throwaway stuff, which Celluloid Nightmares aka Abnormal: Ugly Abuse Re-wind most certainly is. But this ones pretty crap, obviously shot in a day or two with next to no budget. It didn't help I'd sandwiched it between far superior Nikkatsu productions. Its basically a cheap ripoff of Michael Powell's Peeping Tom right down to the tripod death, with our killer shooting gory sex tapes on a camera with a built in flick-knife.

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Yum, yum, maggot noodles, nail ripping and cool looking smutty Jap adult bideostores.

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