The Watcher in the Attic, 1976 - ★★★½

The Watcher in the Attic, 1976 - ★★★½


"Animals are better than men."

- Minako (Junko Miyashita)

Saburo's a perverted landlord who spies on his guests with the aim of slowing killing the ones he despises with poison. When he chance witnesses a prostitute killing a customer in the same manner he knows hes found the woman of his dreams.

Based on Rampo Edogawa's story 'Yaneura no Sanposha' aka The Watcher in the Attic' is an interestingly quirky, skillfully made pinku from Noboru Tanaka. Renji Ishibashi (Who I'd just caught earlier as a mad porno director) is perfectly cast as the asian Norman Bates-like, creepy voyeuristic hotelier Saburo, and Junko Miyashita's ideal as the killer prostitute he becomes obsessed with. Such a unique movie from Nikkatsu it almost borders on an horror movie at times, theres lots of fun to be had in this house of sin.

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Clown sex always raises a smile but the furry sex bit had me in tears. hehe and such an odd natural disaster ending.

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