Seed, 2007 - ★★

Seed, 2007 - ★★


"You will see me again."

- Max Seed (Will Sanderson)

Cold bloodied emotionless serial killer Maxwellian Seed the III (who had a penchant for sending the FBI tapes of his victims decaying) as finally been captured by the law and sits awaiting his big send off. Only something goes wrong with the electric chair and hes granted an extended stay of life, indefinitely.

Firstly fuck you Boll for using the lazy shock tactic of real animal killings to heighten the disturbing mood, that was cheap back in the 70's video nasties era, its a fucking disgrace this day and age. I reviewed this purely to reacquaint myself with Mr. Seed before viewing Seed 2 Electric Boogaloo. As Ewe Boll shitaculars go Seed isn't too bad, its gory and features OK performances, sorta resembles an episode of Chris Carters Millennium for most part, though admittedly not as good.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

Lots of gore only its such a dark movie, viewing it on a sunny day wasn't a great idea.

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