Chrysalis, 2014 - ★★★

Chrysalis, 2014 - ★★★


"Its getting colder, heavier, bitter... feels like a weight on my chest, something I can't shake.."

- Joshua (Cole Simon)

After a zombie like biological infection's wiped out most of the worlds population. A pair of its uninfected survivors Joshua and Penelope are expecting a child. What should be joy for the couple isn't because Pen keeps having miscarriages (a possible incubation side affect of the virus's fallout). And the pair also have to decide if they should trust a stray girl named Abira who may or may not be infected, or should they leave her to the decayed wilderness to fend for herself.

John Klein's Chrysalis is note worthy attempt at making a thought provoking dystopian horror nightmare at cost. While it clearly lacks glossy production values of studio movies, Ben Kurstin's crafted an interesting story and such a tight script that I was intrigued from start to finish. Plus Sara Gorsky, Cole Simon & especially Tanya Thai McBride are far better than the usual embarrassing performances we have to suffer during microbudgeters. Outside of its unnecessary overkill of flash light scenes, thumbs up all involved... long live the new flash.

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Perfect sparse use of its scenery featuring derelict factories, churches and sports stadiums, made the characters seem alone in the world and I felt their pain at bringing a new life into this cold place.

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