Tom Holland's Twisted Tales, 2014 - ★★

Tom Holland's Twisted Tales, 2014 - ★★


"The dude wins, the dude always wins."

- Mr. Smith (William Forsythe)

Horror anthology featuring 9 crude internet quality tales unenthusiastically introduced by master of horror and barsweep Tom Holland (of Childs Play, FrightNight fame).

FRED & HIS GPS: Fred Quins just killed his wife and confesses his crimes to his computerized GPS, which leads to a bizarre outcome. (bland, such a shitty opener)

TO HELL WITH YOU: A bitter struggling woman sells her soul to have her ex-boyfriend killed. (this is the final boarding call for the train to dullsville)

BOOM: An explosives expert suspects his wife and best friend of having an affair, so rigs them to an elaborate bomb. (OK, the bomb was reminiscent of a SAW contraption)

MONGO'S MAGIC MIRЯOЯ: An up and coming illusionist becomes obsessed with a magicians mirror. (interesting mirror world theme, but poor execution)

BITE: Teens smoke a designer salvia named BITE and turn into weedwolves. (fun, werewolves are tough to pull off at cost so all credit to this)

SHOCKWAVE: Five diner guests witnessing the end of the world, manage to get to a faraday cage (panic room) but theres only room for two. (Psycho babble heavy, story felt like Alex Jones conspiracy shit, but it was well produced)

CACHED: A pair of guys witness a man commit suicide and take his tablet. Only the it belonged to a mad coder, who programed it to kill those who come into contact with it. (the tabletman was a neat idea, a troll behind a screen thinking hes a tough guy)

THE PIZZA GUY: In order to speak with her recently dead sister a girl sketches a sigil of baphomet to summon the old goatman himself, only gets a backwards pizza deliveray man. (overly long, overly dumb and thank fuck its almost over)

VAMPIRE'S DANCE: A danceclub is really home to a gang of bloodsuckers. (brief, I've no real opinion)

Not great by any stretch of the imagination, but better than George A Romero's similar Deadtime Stories. Plus you get lots of content for your buck 2 hr 30 min (which isn't bad in this day and age).

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Bite was easily the better entry and Brianne Howey could easily become the next big scream queen.

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