Infliction, 2014 - ★

Infliction, 2014 - ★


"You look like you got raped by a gang of swinging dicks."

- Kenny Stiles (Elliott Armstrong)

Johnny & Kenny Stiles suffered years of parental abuse, they decide to take their camcorder on a senseless killing spree.

Douche killings have become the buzz over the last few years like those of James Holmes & Elliot Rodgers, those attention seeking idiots who video'd confessions or even their killings. Infliction's another entry in the long line of these themed movies, sadly its total horse shit with zero personality to set it aside from the likes of Man Bites Dog, August Undergound ...blah...blah... Not the worst film I've seen this year, but one of the worst made and most boring.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

Waking up while an included after the credits trite rock music video started playing.

Originally taken from Letterboxd

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