Path of the Beast, 1980 - ★★½

Path of the Beast, 1980 - ★★½


"I have to spin my web to catch my prey... only male butterflies"

- Yûko (Minako Mizushima)

Saki a fragile young 17 year old learns the hard way that sex leads to pregnancy (screw you SEX-ED, you failed us). She needs to make the hard decision of keeping the child or not. And if she does keep it, which of her 2 partners she'd sooner be the father.

Weird mixture of pinku meets teen pregnancy dilemmas, from one of studio Nikkatsu's true auteurs Tatsumi Kumashiro. Not sure the world really needed a social conscious porn movie but it sure got one with 'Shoujo shofu: kemonomichi' aka Path of the Beast.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

The dead seagull and that 'Cry Cry Crow' song being repeated ad infinitum. Learning about the zebra riddle and that shaved radish is a great hangover cure. Yay my second 'female mirror masturbation while being viewed by a creepy uncle' scene of the week (after Malabimba).

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