I Survived a Zombie Holocaust, 2014 - ★★

I Survived a Zombie Holocaust, 2014 - ★★

Being a zomcom from New Zealand everyones obviously going to compare this to Peter Jacksons low budget comedy horror phase, which its first time director Guy Pigden clearly plays up to. But it also borrows heavily from the plot of Lars Von Triers Epidemic, with the meta spin of being a zombie outbreak movie that takes place on a zombie film production set thats being written as its filmed.

Sadly it lacks enough of its own identity to rise up among this done to death subgenre. When will young filmmakers learn just being a fan of these movies isn't enough, and no matter how many respected horror directors names you throw-in the script. It doesn't change the fact your film lacks its own ideas. I'd hazard a guess it was made during a fan Zombie Walk due to all the undead extras towards the end. And it at least looks like it was an hoot to make, especially the horrendous film within the film titled 'Tonight They Come' featuring the gay Euro action type star. And lead actor Harley Neville gets a salute for being a good sport and baring his naked bigfoot like hairy body for his craft.

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