Trainwreck, 2015 - ★★½

Trainwreck, 2015 - ★★½

Not the Trainwreck of the title though it does have a few real detracting flaws, most notable being its 2hr plus length (not that it seemed to harm its box-office). Its a brashly relatable chick centric romcom (wtf my second in a week, I need to give my head a wobble) following semi-alcholic Amy, a woman dealing with commitment issues due to her fathers skewed upbringing. Shes gotta embrace her own and partners imperfections before she can form a meaningful relationship. I don't think Amy Schumers in the same league as Sarah Silverman or Wanda Sykes stand-up comedy wise, but she does come across as genuine and will probably go on to make a decent career in movies. Highlights easily Tilda Swintons cocksure unrecognizable turn as the sexually driven lifestyle magazine head.

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