Spring, 2014 - ★★★★

Spring, 2014 - ★★★★

Science hasn't caught up to the myth... Firstly I'm going to ignore the fact I hated the character development of know-it-all Evan, and give Spring the break it deserves. Aaron Moorehead and Justin Benson deserve credit for making a warm, clever and most importantly different type of horror film. Especially in the current climate of regurgitated remakes, sequels and ripoffs.

They essentially turn a simple 'holiday romance with a monstrous spin' story into something great, by weaving in its own well thought out mythology. When we finally get there I loved how the relationship slowly builds, from subtle moments of Louise not being totally open with Evan. Which lead to little glimpses of her true not quite human nature. Then the big transformation, which more than a little resembled Isebella Adjani's from Possession. I also liked it for having a central theme 'barriers', be it cultural between American & Europeans, emotional between Evan & Louise, even age between Evan & the olive farmer. Sure its far from perfect, but both directors are sincere in their motives and from reading their press statements seem to be well aware they're learning and make mistakes.

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