Tale of Tales, 2015 - ★★★

Tale of Tales, 2015 - ★★★

Three freakish fairy-tales are interwoven into a weird for weirds sake fantasy film. Matteo Garrone grandly stages the trilogy of Giambattista Basiles traditional storys, with a clear aim of pointing out their relevance to now statements. Most obvious being 'The Flea's' take on arranged marriage and 'The Two Old Sisters' take on beauty at any cost. The third tale 'The Queen' was a bit more puzzling, possibly a skewed take on privilege.

It looked fantastic, especially the costumes and the almost other worldly scenery. Theres even some bizarre creature fx work thrown in the mix. Acting was solid from its unusual ensemble cast. But I didn't really warm to it all that much, it sorely lacked humor and felt dragged out. I suspect this ones gonna really divide opinion. I doubt Garrones typical art set will enjoy the fantasy elements, and fantasy fans will probably be off put by its artistic approach. I'll sit on the fence and say it was OK (which it was).

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