Yulenka, 2009 - ★★★

Yulenka, 2009 - ★★★

A young professor uproots his wife and daughter, after he takes up a new position in a rural all girls finishing school. Only he quickly starts to learn of sinister events that happened before his arrival. And that one of his new pupils has designs on him becoming the new man in her lonely mothers life.

Sadly not the modernized 'La Residencia' rip-off I'd hoped. Its more a Russian rehash of 'The Bad Seed'. And is far from a great variant either, I'd preferred it to have gone down a more supernatural route like it implies earlier on, than the soapy one it sorta takes. But its got enough good to outweigh its flaws. The saving grace is the central performance by Darya Balabanova as young sociopath Yulenka (though my subtitles said Yulea), and her ability to change from innocent to ice cold creepy in a few frames.

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