The Boy, 2015 - ★★★★

The Boy, 2015 - ★★★★

Holy shit writer/director Craig William Macneill really makes the audience suffer with his budding Norman Bates-a-like story of 'The Boy'. It painfully shows the isolated world of 9 year Ted Henley, whose brought up by his lone father in a remote roadside motel. Having no friends his own age or anyone to socialize with, outside of the rare short stay customers (including The Office's Rainn Wilson). Young Ted's left to run around in a near feral state, idling his time away with roadkill or anything else dead that takes his morbid fascination.

To make it even more of an endurance test for the viewer its extremely pedestrian paced and filmed in a muddy unglamorous rustic way. But 'The Boy' is very effective at achieving its goals. You totally buy into Ted's pain, even understanding to a degree his actions during its powerful, incendiary clmax. Its certainly not made to entertain, but its so well executed you can't help but give it some praise. Apparently its the first chapter of a trilogy, which left me dumbfounded at where the young up & coming sociopath goes from here.

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